Madison Ivy, Keiran Lee – Return Of Ivy


Madison Ivy, Keiran Lee – Return Of Ivy. Gorgeous babe Madison making her daily preparations for a work day again. Charming German girl goes to the bathroom to take bath. While she was bathing Madison gives a magnificent show to the cameras. She is the best pornstar according to most porn watchers. I agree with them, she is a hot bombshell. Anyway, she finishes her things and it is time to work. Madison gives a visit to Keiran’s home to make him sings divorcing papers. He finds her familiar when he gets in with her. After asking her do I know you, you seem familiar to me, Madison doesn’t give a proper answer for that. Keiran is sure he knows her but from where? After she leaves he immediately gets on his pc to check his favorite porn sites.

Hot Stripper Madison Ivy Serving  Keiran Lee in Return Of Ivy

And there she is! She is famous pornstar Madison Ivy. Keiran calls her company to check something but his real intention to get a confession from her. Madison cames there and talks with him again. But she refuses his thoughts about she is a pornstar. After she leaves him alone Keiran gets behind the wheel to follow her. She stops her car to get in a strip club. For sure he goes there too. Soon after beautiful show up on the scene to give her stripper perform. That’s it, he now is sure about her and the horny guy will use that to get his goal. He will get a VIP service from her for being silent about her real job.

Date: February 23, 2018